Kotobukiya RZ-053 Heavy Arms Konig Wolf 1/72 Scale Model

KotobukiyaSKU: 205215

    • Both the standard single-seat cockpit and the newly sculpted optional two-seat cockpit can be assembled. Two pilot figures are included and can be boarded.
    • he standard headgear can be adjusted with a forward-rotating movement as well as left and right neck movement even when it is not deployed.
    • The cables that connect the head to the chest and the chest to the waist are made of soft material.
    • The Zoid Core inside the chest is removable.
    • The base of the Double Barreled Multi-Dischargers can be raised and the guns can be deployed on either side. They can also move up and down.
    • A 5mm connection point compatible with the separately sold Flying Base Neo is provided in the lower part of the abdomen, allowing the model to be displayed in action poses.
    • The back-mounted dual sniper rifle has a rotating and extendable barrel. It can also move backward, as if releasing a shell.

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