Arkham Horror Living Card Game Lost in Time and Space

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    • Product 1: A mythos pack expansion for the hot cooperative LCG, Arkham horror: the card game
    • Product 1: Introduces a scenario that stands alone or serves as the climactic final chapter in The Dunwich Legacy campaign
    • Product 1: Investigators scramble to hold onto their sanity as they look for a way home from a realm beyond terrestrial comprehension
    • Product 1: Twenty-four new player cards (two copies each of twelve different cards) are powerful enough that investigators just might survive their journey
    • Product 2: The fifth Mythos Pack in The Dunwich Legacy cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game
    • Product 2: The investigators must stop a magical ritual while reality is breaking apart all around them
    • Product 2: Challenges players to find their way through an ever-changing forest
    • Product 2: Twenty-eight player cards (two copies each of fourteen different cards) allow investigators to make good use of the experience they've earned through their campaign

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