100 PICS Quiz Card Game

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    • POCKET SIZED PUZZLES PACKED WITH FUN. Can you learn, memorize, identify and spell all 100 pictures? Great activities to play alone, or together with friends and family (get mom, dad and the grandparents involved too!). Ideal travel quiz toys for an animal loving kid aged 6, 7, 8 and up. 4 and 5 year old might not be ready for anagrams but will love the 100 pics. Picture flash cards help with vocabulary, spelling, learning, and memory. Going traveling? Get guessing!
    • GREAT FOR GIFTS, PARTY BAGS, BIRTHDAY PRESENTS OR CHRISTMAS STOCKING FILLERS (FOR BOYS AND GIRLS). To play, reveal each picture, then guess who - or spot what - it is, using the anagram letters to match and spell the word. Slide the revealer for letter clues or to check the answer. Once solved, slide out front card board picture, place at the back, and bingo - the next picture is ready. Play in difficulty order from 1 (easy) to 100 (difficult), or just shuffle pack.
    • THE PERFECT KIDS MINI GAME FOR FAMILY TRIPS. Original hand-held picture cards to play on a plane, train, in a car, or restaurant. No batteries, screentime or wifi needed. Great for childrens activity packs to do while travelling (especially road trips, on planes, or at airports), as well as at home. Easily fits into pockets, hand luggage or party bags. Get smart kids not bored kids!

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